Engineering A New Generation of Therapeutics

Diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity are often complex, caused by dysregulation of multiple processes

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Current medicine

Current paradigm of drug discovery favors designs that target a single biological mechanism.

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Harmonic Discovery

At Harmonic Discovery, we are creating a new generation of therapeutics that embrace the complexity of disease

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Better therapeutics through targeting kinome

We focus on therapeutics within the human kinome, a family of 500 proteins associated with diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity and neurodegeneration

our platform

Our therapeutics are the result of integrating several layers of information, from single point mutations in protein sequence, through 3-dimensional conformational changes of protein structure, to systematic changes in protein gene expression

Built on a bedrock of peer-reviewed science and industry expertise

Our platform is inspired by our extensive and peer-reviewed heritage of publications focused on kinase drug discovery and machine learning

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international team of experts

Our interdisciplinary team represents the intersection of experts across medicinal chemistry, cheminformatics, computational biology and machine learning

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We are supported by several of best the investors operating at the interface of technology, biology and medicine