Engineering Precision

At Harmonic Discovery we leverage machine learning to develop next generation medicines with precision pharmacology

Current paradigm of drug discovery favors designs that target a single biological mechanism.


Unexpected off-targets cause side effects.


Misses additional targets that might be helpful.


Removes off targets.


At Harmonic Discovery, we are creating a new generation of therapeutics that embrace the complexity of disease

Current drug discovery aims for selectivity

Many drugs are often designed against a single protein target in mind

Yet often fails to address specific anti-targets

Off-target interactions occur, some off target interactions are anti-targets that can drive adverse reactions

And key secondary targets are out of scope

Additional targets can enhance efficacy, mitigate toxicities and shut down resistance pathways

Our platform dials out specific anti-targets

Our generative chemistry platform enables us to identify the correct modifications to molecules that tune out toxic off-targets

And enables
rational multi-targeted drug discovery

By tuning out anti-targets and tuning-in additional targets, we are engineering medicines with precision pharmacology- medicines that can address the complexity of disease

our platform

Built on a bedrock of peer-reviewed science and industry expertise

Our therapeutics are the result of integrating several layers of information, from single point mutations in protein sequence, through 3-dimensional conformational changes of protein structure, to systematic changes in protein gene expression

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Built by aN interdisciplinary team

Our team represents the intersection of experts across medicinal chemistry, cheminformatics, data science and machine learning

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